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Firearm Transfers

Firearm transfer fee without Michigan CPL: $35 for the first item, plus $10 for each additional to the same customer on the same transaction
Firearm transfer fee with Michigan CPL: $30 for the first item, plus $10 for each additional to the same customer on the same transaction
NFA transfer fee (SBR/SBS/Silincer) : $75 each

We provide firearm transfer services to the local community by appointment only. Weekends and after hour appointments are also available.

We have our company registered with the majority of established sellers and they should have a look-up option at the time of placing your order. In these cases you will just select IC ARMS or Intelligence Consulting as your transferor. If we are not listed as an option please send us an email to and we will contact the seller to arrange for the transfer and have us added as an option for any future needs.

Please note that the GunBroker purchases will always need to be facilitated, even if you have chosen us as your transferor during the checkout. This has nothing to do with us and is required by the gunbroker policy. The gun cannot be shipped by the seller until they receive a copy of the transferor's FFL.

We accept transfers from private sellers as well as from the FFL dealers. In order to complete the transfer from a private seller please make sure that the seller has a valid state-issued Driver License or ID that clearly shows the current address. We will require a copy to be sent directly to us before we could release the gun to you.

We charge a transfer fee of $35 for the first gun and $10 for each additional gun transfer on the same transaction to the same customer. If you have a valid Michigan CPL the first item is $30 and $10 for each additional.

We also do NFA transfers. The charge is $75 for each item (Silencer, SBR/SBS, SMG) and it includes Form 4 preparation and storage until NFA approval comes through. At this time you are still responsible for providing your own passport pictures and fingerprints, however we are investigating several options of providing these services onsite.

We are also a direct dealer for the Silencer Shop and do not charge any additional fees to do transfers for them.